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Product Range


HOF Hydraulics Range

(Vane pumps and Cartridges - Vickers compatible)


Galdabini Product Range

Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

VM - Handweel Delivery Control

VLS, VLS + RCVCV - Handlever hydraulic servo-control and Constant Power Regulator(EH)

VEMr - Electric remote control with geared motor

VEIS 2-4-5, VEIS 2-4-5 + RCVCV - Electro-hydraulic servo control with 2, 4 and 5 preset controls

SM - Hydraulic servomotor

ATT - Hydraulic control with delivery continuous adjustment

RPC - Constant pressure regulator

RCVC - Constant power regulator

RCVC + RM - Constant power regulator with manual handweel control

RCVCS + RP - Constant power regulator for open circuit pumps

RCVCM - Constant power regulator for variable displacement closed circuit motors


Rexpower Product Range

Pneumatics Equipment

Hydraulics Equipment

Lubricants Equipment


LVD Range

Walch Engineering is the sole agent and distributor of LVD Plate Working Machines in South Africa, offering full range of LVD products as well as service backup. 

LVD Range Products 

Laser Cutting Systems 

Punch Presses 

Press Brakes 






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